Shallow Waters - ICC

Notre approche internationale

Notre vision

Shallow Waters souhaite contribuer à l'action humanitaire dans les situations de crise et post-crise.

The Group Shallow Waters est convaincu qu’aucune société ne peut prétendre à un développement durable sans renforcer la paix, la justice, l’amour, l’égalité, la fraternité, l’unité, le travail, et l’humilité en son sein.
Nous voulons créer et encourager la fraternité, l’amour, l’humilité, la justice, la paix, la coopération et la compréhension à un niveau international, pour renforcer les relations interpersonnelles,  et aider à résoudre des problèmes par une intégration des différentes couches sociales.

Notre mission

Le groupe mène des actions internationales de sensibilisation, de mobilisation, et de l'accompagnement des populations.

Contribuer à l’analyse d’un développement global de la communauté en offrant diverses possibilités aux jeunes d’acquérir des aptitudes de leadership, de responsabilité social, d’entreprenariat, des compétences techniques, et la compréhension et la solidarité pour créer des changements positifs entre eux, la communauté, et à travers le Monde dans son ensemble.

Notre philosophie

Notre objectif est de promouvoir la diplomatie citoyenne par le biais d’un programme d’échange international, de la recherche et de l’apprentissage transfrontalier avec la conception et la mise en œuvre de programmes éducatifs fondés sur les principales langues, cultures et religions du monde. 

Nos valeurs fondamentales

Nos valeurs fondamentales guident nos stratégies à long terme et nos objectifs à court terme et elles sous-tendent notre mission d’inspirer les foires dans la façon dont le monde traite les personnes déplacées, en particulier les hommes et les femmes vulnérables, ainsi que les personnes handicapées, pour obtenir un impact immédiat et durable dans leurs vies respectives.

Conseil de coordination internationale

Les membres ICC sont des militants engagés à travers le monde qui souhaitent oeuvrer pour l’émancipation et l’épanouissement d’autrui, quels que soient les origines et l’environnement social.

Notre communauté

Smiles Abusomwan


Dr. Smiles Oghoghosa Abusomwan whose autobiography is crammed with sharp and insightful revelations is a seasoned citizen diplomat, member of the National Council for International Visitors, Mobility International USA and Center for Creative Leadership. Dr. Smiles argues that a convergence of technological and economic factors - particularly the rapidly failing cost of communication - is enabling a change in business organizations as profound as the shift to democracy in governments.

He believes that it is possible to have the best of both worlds - the economic and scale efficiency of large organizations and the human benefits of small ones: freedom, motivation and flexibility. He lives in France.

Hilda Kandlela


Dr. Hilda Kandlela is a convincing freelance visionary, organizational therapist.

Based on several years of ground breaking experiences, Hilda provides compelling models for designing the shift from command-and-control to coordinate-and-cultivate management and the new skills that would be required for a healthy environment. Dr. Hilda believes in a future that shows how technology now offers us the choice of creating a world that is not just richer but better. She is also the Senior Pastor of Greater Works International Christian Center.

Dulce Jaquelina da Gloria Gemo


Dulce Jaquelina da Gloria Gemo is a motivational speaker, TV presenter, Gospel artist, the Founder and Overseer of Ministerio Soteria de Cristo para as Naçoes. She is also the founder of the Group Mulheres de Valor (Women of Valor) in Maputo Mozambique where she resides. She is the former representative of the main Mozambican ruling Party (Frelimo) to Zimbabwe. Focusing on her true passion, teaching, Dulce experience is vast and varied. Fun, witty, and not to be underestimated, Dulce's cheeky charm and a dotted determination to work with people with disabilities helped her get answers to the questions that few dared to ask. She is always keen to help people find out what claims to make lives easier. Her charity programs for orphans and widows in the community feeding, paying for accommodation school fees etc. say it all. She is married to Cesar Bento Madivadua and has 4 children. She lives in Maputo Mozambique.

Merlene Freeman


Merlene Freeman is a motivational speaker, TV presenter and a social crusader specializing in lifestyle technology.

Specialist in lifestyle and health innovation, she's always keen to helping people find out what claims to make lives easier.

Focusing on her true passion, teaching Merlin's experience is vast and varied. Fun, witty, and not to be underestimated, Merlin's cheeky charm and a dotted determination to work with people who are vulnerable helped her get answers to the questions that few dared to ask.

Success Osamede Abusomwan


Lecturer and financial/investment consultant at the Department of Economics, University of Benin, Dr. Success Osamede Abusomwan PhD is an accomplished Financial Analyst.

Brilliant financial portfolio whisperer Dr. Success has inexhaustible experience and skills in monetary policy, financial analysis, banking, international financial management, corporate finance, and economic development.

Renowned Financial Expert, his most recent publication on Fiscal Decentralization and the Efficiency of public Service Delivery analyses the impact of fiscal decentralization on the efficiency of public service delivery across thirty seven countries from 2008 to 2018.

Shiana Tendai Nazareth


Shiana Tendai Nazareth is a Brand and online Marketing Strategist who works together with solo presentations, CEOs and executives to grow their professional and personal brands. Replete with a lot of experiences in direct marketing, Shiana has afforded coporate organizations the brilliance of what drives sold-out launches, convention and interviews to an extensive audience. She delivers cutting edge marketing strategies and innovative campaigns that increase demand, accelerate growth and maximize the budget for emerging media. She enjoys traveling and working with international organizations to promote the inclusion of women with disabilities in national and international development programs.

Marilou Dela Sierra


Marilou Dela Sierra is a strategic community leader of the Group Shallow Waters International Society of Female Professionals responsible for creating and designing media campaigns.

Team Leader in Corporate Affairs, she systematically organizes governance processes, coordinates coherent policy and internal audit typified in coordinating policy development and policy maintenance at global and country level.

She is a sparring partner for the management board and frequently participates in national and international meetings.

Uyiosa Abusomwan


Experienced leader in the development, classification and distribution of cutting edge digital designs and engineering strategies, Uyiosa Abusomwan (Ph.D) joined the Faculty at Rice University as a Lecturer in the Master of Engineering Management and Leadership MEML program. He is the product digitalization architect of a leading technology provider in the energy industry. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and a M.S and Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University. Uyiosa's interest in educating the next generation of engineering leaders on emerging technologies would prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution.

Kopila Pokharel


Kopila Pokharel is a Communication and Change Management Strategist who supports the creation and delivery of single major or multiple minor change management programs and drive international engagement in The Group Shallow Waters International Society of Female Professionals SWISFP. She creates the organizational can-do mentality and an optimistic stance essential for the success of global transformation.

With a brilliant understanding of change management principles, Kopila participates in change development by identifying needs and opportunities and managing planning responses in the area of behavioral change.

Aida EscanoIm


Global Sourcing and Coporate Affairs Team Leader Aida EscanoIm is a missionary multi-tasker who assist The Group Shallow Waters International Society of Female Professionals' International Coordinating Council ICC in applying a structured approach in developing and implementing strategies that utilizes effective cognitive skills to improve operational excellence and an increase in workforce productivity.

Dedicated workforce professional Aida believes that workforce management is more than a system; it is driving trust, transparency and respect to strengthen engagement. She believes in building workforce strategies that foster the inclusion of women with disabilities in national and international development programs.

Guthrie Malusi Gomo


Guthrie Malusi Gomo sits on the Political Accountability and Climate change desk at Shallow Waters. He is an Apostolic Prophetic Voice focused on Leadership Development and Capacity Building. Guthrie is a passionate Development Practioner, Human Rights and Peace Advocate and a seasoned entrepreneur, academic and independent researcher. 

A  Business Leader and Coach motivated with the growth of the African Economy and Development for all. Guthrie Malusi is a believer in life-long learning and development of local societies using local resources and giving equal opportunities to all. He continues to be an economic advocate for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. 

His development initiatives are centered on preservation of the environment through sustainable industrial production processes. His love for Peace, Development and firm belief in dialogue and inclusive development has seen him take up the position of Head of Political Affairs in the ECOSOCC Zimbabwe.

Priscilla Johanna Mushayabasa


Priscilla Johanna Mushayabasa is Pastor and a legal practitioner mindful about her clients and community.

 Driven by the desire to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others she seeks to empty herself of the best that is deposited in her. A keen and ardent reader, researcher and part time writer who is actively involved in guidance and counseling of children and young adults.

Passionate about practical intervention in welfare matters involving children and vulnerable communities.

Edwin Masango


Edwin Masango is a Motivational Speaker, counselor and civil society activist who speaks his mind about public figures.

Educationalist is a memoir by Edwin who recounts overcoming his fears in order to go to College and emphasized the importance of education in low and middle income countries in the world. 

Popular inspirational speaker, Edwin believes that there are hidden treasures in educating a girl child.

Joy Oyakhire


It isn't every management executive who can seamlessly shift gears and paradigm to help lead through the chaos whilst integrating strategic management portfolios to transform underperforming business unit, or to lead a cross disciplinary strategic initiative team. But this is the primary part of Joy Oyakhire's signature in Miles and Smiles. Joy Oyakhire is diffentiated by an uncommon compliment of strategic management combined with strong business acumen. Advancing through series of promotional materials, Joy's leadership has evolved beyond the diaries of a traditional business executive and she has led many strategic initiatives that have had positive impact  by driving down costs, increasing revenue, and improving overall spin off in performance.

Bapaletswe Edward Diphoko


Bapaletswe Edward Diphoko born in South Africa, North West Province. He is the founder of Courageous Act Foundation, focusing on family, sex and marriages.

He has proven experiences in community and youth development and he is actively involved in community based development relating to youth education and training.

Amenaghawon Sandra Idowu


Amenaghawon Sandra Idowu, communication specialist serves as a conversation partner to The Group Shallow international students who wish to practice their English Language Skills through informal conversation often over tea and desert or to share Thanksgiving dinner with families and friends.

Talented in literature reviews, Amenaghawon Sandra focuses on creating content regarding women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues aimed at reducing systemic bias in the wiki movement. She addressed these issues in a public way through share values.

Charity Ola


Consultant to The Group Shallow Waters, Charity Ola is a social crusader who has assisted in a lot of programs aimed at increasing the participation and inclusion of people with disabilities in national and international development programs.

She serves as the Executive Specialist to the Board in designing special project related to the excellence in development and the inclusion of people with disabilities initiative, bridging the international work force and the global disabilities communities.

Idanosa Deborah Boyi


Strategic IT Professional, Idanosa Deborah Boyi is a communication specialist to The Group Shallow Waters.

Expert in literature reviews, researching state and local policies, data collection and analysis, report preparation and delivery Idanosa Deborah Boyi's mission is to provide life changing opportunities using information technology to provide comparative international development in low and middle income countries in the world.

Victor Chinomso


Victor Chinomso is a Business Development Representative; he works with management to identify business needs, challenges and opportunities. Positive influencer with brilliant proactive disposition, Victor develops business initiatives, prepares relevant report for various activities,

Having participated in a lot of trade shows, sales meetings webinars and training sessions, Victor Chinomso has excellent ability to design and develop new prospect through referrals, networking, online research and outbound calls.

Esther Ighagosa Edokpolor


Esther Ighagosa Edokpolor is excellent in building relationship and representation. Dotted with a strong communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills, Esther has an impeccable ability in developing partnership in the context of global representations and operations. These include identifying partnership opportunities, brokering and cultivating relationships, designing partnership arrangements, facilitating partners’ negotiation and formalizing partnership deals structures.

Esther Ighagosa Edokpolor is adaptable, flexible, has a strong autonomy with a team working focus.

Victor Stones Obama


This groundbreaking memoir offers a glimpse into an activist's journey to finding and cultivating community and the continued fight for disability justice. Victor Stones Obama founder of CYCIE 2000 is a pioneer settlement activist, social worker, public philosopher, sociologist and leader in youth suffrage and global peace. Radical pragmatist, Victor helped addressed and focused on issues that were of concern to the youth, such as the needs of children, local public health, and world peace. Urban revitalization strategist and public radio host, Victor founded and led a non-profit environmental justice solutions corporation in Nigeria. He believes that non-violence confronts systemic injustice with active love.

Oborikpo Brown


Oborikpo Brown is an investment analyst whose keen interest is to identify opportunities and evaluate outcomes for national development with excellent investment recommendations.

Certified strategic and investment professional Mr. Oborikpo Brown forecast and see developments in the economy and help determine the best environment for a healthy investment. He believes that the key factor that symbolizes a nation's development and existence is the degree of productivity attained.

Naomi Jusu


Naomi Jusu an Intercessor, she a curative freelance illustrator whose keen interest is to develop and display her penchant for realistic depictions of fantastic scenery.

Over the years she served as a consultant to major companies, non-profit organizations and hospitals. She works well with seniors corporate executives and can provide consultations for international corporations. 

Inevitably Naomi has stood in the gap for nations and likes to share her love with others who have the aspiration to become a better version of themselves. She certainly cares.

Rev Jeremiah Daka


Rev Jeremiah Daka is an International sought - after speaker, minister of the Gospel and the resident pastor of Emmanuel Mission Centre in Lusaka, Zambia. 

Lecturer at the Grace Christian College, Jeremiah Daka has passion in training and equipping future leaders. 

He is married to Mwila who is a Gospel artist and they are blessed with four children.